Continuous Inspection made easy

SonarQube on Azure

SonarQube is a SonarSource platform for continuous inspection of code quality to perform automatic reviews with static code analysis to detect various bugs, code smells, and security vulnerabilities on 20+ programming languages.

SonarQube server is available here: Install the Server. SonarSource provides examples using a standard installation with the zip file or Docker container using Docker images.

However, I wanted to have SonarQube deployed on Azure Service App with Azure SQL Database instance (a real-world scenario). A serverless approach with minimum maintenance. …

The basics you should know

When writing an application using C# and .NET framework, developers should be mindful of memory management to avoid memory leaks and write memory-aware code. This article will look at the basics anyone should know; mainly, we will try to answer questions on memory allocation and NET Garbage Collector. Finally, we will look at best practices.

Memory allocation

Memory can be allocated either in Stack or Heap. In .NET, we typically allocate all local variables in Stack, so when the first method calls the second method, then the return address of the first method (the one that calls)…

The most recognisable spreadsheet application in the World

Today Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet application in the World. It is literally everywhere, in Schools, at Universities, it is probably installed on your personal computer and on your company’s computer.

Throughout the years Excel has become a powerful spreadsheet application, it allows user to extend its functionality by external add-ins or user-define functions (UDF) written in VBA, and with Excel 2016 (few years ago), Microsoft announced to build in some Business Intelligence (BI) functions. It led to increase interests in Excel.

Let’s take a look of how…

This article will explore the issue in greater detail

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In my last published article, I said goodbye to Stored Procedures, briefly mentioning SQL injection and providing a conclusion in the context of the advantages and disadvantages of stored procedures. The big selling point for stored procedures is that it naturally prevents SQL injection. Unfortunately, this may not always be the case, and one would argue that keeping good code practices will most likely make SQL injection attacks virtually impossible, regardless of whether a stored procedure is used, or not.

This article, designed for beginners, will explore the issue in greater…

In this article I will explain why I do not need them that much

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Back in the days many business applications that were using SQL databases, tended to have part of the logic in stored procedures. On the one hand, this may increase the performance (or naturally we tend to believe so), but on the other hand, it can make maintenance (versioning and testing) or migration to a different vendor much more difficult. In the past, I also built applications (mostly desktop) that used loads of stored procedures. …

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Software Developer at ITDS Business Consultants

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